Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Americana--recent acquisitions, antiquarian and ephemera

U.S.S. Boston Photograph album. 7 3/8 X 10 3/4 in. Black fabric over cardboard covers. 96 pp; 148 photographs affixed to all pages including inside back cover. 1888-1907.

Herman, Frederick John, The Forty-second foot; a history of the Forty-second regiment of infantry, United States volunteers, organized for service in the Philippine insurrection. 1899-1900-1901. Arranged and compiled at the request of the survivors of the regiment, organized as the 42nd regt. of inf. U.S.V. association, by Colonel Frederick J. Herman. [Kansas City, Mo., 1942]

Croffut's Trans-Continental Tourist's Guide, Containing a Full and Authentic Description of over Five Hundred Cities, Towns, Villages, Stations...From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Fourth Volume, Third Annual Revised. Crofutt, George, pub: New York. 1872.

Souvenirs D'une Mission Aux États-Unis D'amerique. Malézieux, Emile: Paris: Dunod, 1874.

Fooz, Jean Henri Nicolas de. Fundamental Principles of the Law of Mines. Translated from the French, with Introductory Remarks by H. W. Halleck. San Francisco: J. B. Painter, Printer, 1860.

Darrow Bros. Our Encampment. A Humorous Account of the Indianapolis Military Encampment. Highly Illustrated by our own Artist, and rich in Flagrant Falsehood [cover title]. Indianapolis, ca. 1880.

Breed, David T. The Great Trip. A Little Book for Railroad Men and Travellers. NY: American Tract Society, ca. 1850.

Chicago, and North-Western Railway. Summer Resorts of the West, North and Northwest, Showing Routes, Rates of Fare, and Hotels and Boarding Houses. Chicago, 1890.

U.S. Army Air Force. Air Power for Peace. AAF Day—1 August 1947. (Tokyo: Kyodo Printing, 1947.)

Commercial Iron Works. Commemorating the Delivery to the U.S. Navy of Our 100th Vessel. Portland, 1944.

City of Los Angeles. Home Recreation in Wartime. LA: Dept. of Playground and Recreation, ca. 1942?

Sheridan, Sol N. (words) and A. Nelson Adams(music). Beside the Pasig River. Written and composed in the Palace of Malagañan, Manila, after the American Occupation. Manila: Camelo & Bauerman, (1898).

Lunkley, Violet E. Hurray for the Heroes of the Sea. Dedicated to the Navy Boys. Words and Music by…. San Francisco: Gallur, (1914).

Central California Veterans’ Reunion Association. Popular Patriotic Songs. San Jose: Frank M. Eley, 189-?.

Watson, Pond & Riddle. California. A catalogue of country and land property for the investor and homeseeker. San Francisco [1909].

Turlock Land Co. Turlock, California. Turlock Irrigation District. (San Francisco: Western Folder Co., ca. 1910.)

Covina Chamber of Commerce. Covina, An Orchard Paradise in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, California. (Covina Argus Press, 1928?)

Chamber of Commerce. Fresno County, California. Fresno: Evening Democrat Print, ca. 1905.

Alan T. Tarbell Corp. The Building of an Empire: Crescent City, California. [Los Angeles, 1929.]

North Western—Union Pacific.Introducing—The Streamliner, City of Los Angeles. Omaha:
Medlar, 1936.

Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Celebration,National Country Music Day. Official Program. Meridian,MS, 1954.

Southern Pacific. California Festival Year 1925. [San Francisco? 1925.]

My Partner Souvenir. Boston: Forbes Co., [1880].

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great Migration primary source collections

Isabel Wilkerson's excellent new book, The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration, has garnered a great deal of press in recent weeks.

Researchers wishing to examine a wealth of primary source material on the living and working conditions of African-Americans in this era might want to take a look at a fascinating microfilm collection titled "Black Workers in the Era of the Great Migration, 1916-1929," housed in Green Library's Media-Microtext. Edited by by James Grossman, the set compiles records from various Federal agencies and departments--ranging from the U.S. Coal Commission and Bureau of Employment Security to the U.S. Children's Bureau and Bureau of Agricultural Economics. A guide is also available, with a short introductory essay.

Additionally, as David Oshinsky noted in the opening paragraph of his review of Wilkerson's book, the Chicago Defender is another invaluable primary source of the African-American migration out of the South. Stanford researchers can access the full-text archive of the Chicago Defender, a title in the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.