Thursday, September 4, 2008

Common-place: The Interactive Journal of Early American Life

Common-place is a wonderful online journal dealing with all aspects of early American history and culture. As its editors have noted,

"Common-place is a common place for exploring and exchanging ideas about early American history and culture. A bit friendlier than a scholarly journal, a bit more scholarly than a popular magazine, Common-place speaks--and listens--to scholars, museum curators, teachers, hobbyists, and just about anyone interested in American history before 1900. Common-place is a common place for all sorts of people to read about all sorts of things relating to early American life--from architecture to literature, from politics to parlor manners. And it's a place to find insightful analysis of early American history as it is discussed not only in scholarly literature but also on the evening news; in museums, big and small; in documentary and dramatic films; and in popular culture."

Sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society and the Department of History at Florida State University, Common-place is published quarterly. The most recent issue (July 2008) features an essay by Caroline Winterer, Associate Professor of History at Stanford, titled "The Big Picture: The Ancient Mediterranean in early America."

Check out Common-place at: