Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hard to Find Resources II: Third Party Presidential Nominating Conventions: Proceedings, Records, etc.

Last fall I offered a blog post describing two microfilm sets that contain proceedings from the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. This post looks at a third set that focuses on third parties in U.S. presidential campaigns.

Titled Third Party Presidential Nominating Conventions, Proceedings, Records, etc., and published by Micro 8 Publications in 1973, this 7 reel set contains proceedings, party platforms, addresses, pamphlets and other records of a variety of American third parties, ranging from the Anti-Masonic Party of 1830 to the Socialist Party of 1968.

Arrangement of the material on film from Reel 1 through most of Reel 6 is alphabetical by party name and chronological under each, from the Anti-Masonic Party to the International Workingmen's Association; then follows on Reel 6 the Communist Party (1948-1952, 1968) and the Union Party (1936). The last reel contains miscellaneous pamphlets from a number of parties. The sequence of parties on this reel seems haphazard, but the pamphlets under each generally are arranged alphabetically by author.

The invaluable printed guide (shelved in the IC) lists all items in the sequence in which they appear on the film, and provides for each item the reel number location, date, title, and number of pages. N.B.: None of the items in this collection is individually cataloged. However, the library (and/or the Hoover Library and Archives) may have acquired some of these materials separately in printed editions, and cataloged them for either stacks or Special Collections.