Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Colonial State Papers available online

The Stanford Libraries have recently acquired an important database for historians of Colonial America and the early modern Atlantic World--Colonial State Papers.

From the publisher's description:

ProQuest’s Colonial State Papers provides researchers with two invaluable sources for the study of colonial American history—the manuscripts that make up the Colonial Papers in the UK National Archives, as well as the printed calendars that describe them.

The National Archives' collection 'CO 1' (full name - Privy Council and related bodies: America and West Indies, Colonial Papers) contains thousands of papers that were presented to the Privy Council and the Board of Trade between 1574-1757, and which relate to England's governance of, and activities in the American, Canadian and West Indian colonies. Colonial State Papers also includes the digitized Calendar of State Papers Colonial - an advanced bibliographic tool providing more than 45,000 records of bibliographic description, covering not only CO 1, but also documents from many other collections, all relating to the American colonies. Calendar of State Papers Colonial consists of bibliographic entries along with full transcriptions, extracts and abstracts, in fully keyed XML.

All documents have been reproduced as full color, high quality images, including a number of unique contemporary hand-drawn maps. Users can search and browse in variety of ways.