Thursday, September 13, 2012

Americana; recent acquisitions, antiquarian and ephemera

William T. Keogh's Superbly Staged, Splendidly Cast, First Production of 'The Queen of Chinatown' by Joseph Jarrow. Academy of Music, February 26, Opium, Chinatown. [New York] : [s.l.], [1899]

"Every day new and wonder." By Lorenzo Delos Reyes.[Los Angeles? 1930?]

Vietnam- Who profits? Who pays? : Black people pay - twice !! ... Inferior medical care- the Black Panther Party wants people to be able to get good, free health care. Boston : Black Panther Party, Peoples Free Health Center, 1970.

We "Belong" to the Brotherhood Youth and Race Question / Olivia P. Stokes and Winburn T. Thomas. New York : Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, 1946.

The case against Dillingham. Palo Alto, Calif. : Grass Roots, [197-?]

International Seafarers' Federation. Minutes of the International Seafarers' Conference, Feb. 22nd to Mar. 3rd 1919 : together with minutes of an open Seafarers' Conference. London, [1919?]

Sarabia, Elizabeth D.T. Mexico from the inside : another letter from Mme. Sarabia. Boston : Massachusetts Branch of the Womam's Peace Party, 1916.

Shall the Chinese Exclusion Act be repealed ? / B.A. Garside and Burges Brown. New York : Citizen's Committee to Repeal Chinese Exclusion, 1943.

Chinese drug stores in America. By Stewart Culin. [Philadelphia? 1887] "Reprinted from the Journal of Pharmacy, December, 1887."

Lee, Chin. A Chinese art which tells : of monkey sun with his magic club ... of a sauce that takes eight years to age, of bird's nest and shark fins, of calories and vitamines, of ways of cooking scores of Chinese dishes and of a number of other things. [New York] : [Chin Lee], 1928.