Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980

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This new and growing collection includes historic Hispanic newspapers from around the country published in both Spanish and English. While the bulk come from New Mexico and Texas, there are also newspapers from California, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Louisiana, Florida, Kansas, and Missouri. The coverage ranges from one issue (Misispi, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 12, 1808) to an extensive run (Tucsonense, Tucson, Arizona, 1915-1931).

The newspaper text is searchable, images can be zoomed to enhance viewing, and issues can be downloaded as PDFs. Researchers can search within the Hispanic American Newspapers collection or search Readex’s entire collection of America’s Historical Newspapers,
which includes early American newspapers from 1690 to 1922. Another useful feature is Nicolás Kanellos’ important reference essay “A Brief History of Hispanic Periodicals in the United States.” This essay is part of the larger reference work Hispanic Periodicals in the United States, Origins to 1960: A Brief History and Comprehensive Bibliography, available in the Lane Room at the Green Library.

For more information about historical newspapers online, see Newspapers.