Friday, July 18, 2008

Volumes honoring Professor David M. Kennedy; histories of early Washington Territory/State

Professor David M. Kennedy was presented with the Stanford University Library's Warren Howell Award in May. To honor Professor Kennedy, the Library purchased five volumes dealing with the history of Washington State and Territory, Professor Kennedy's home state. Many relate to the 1859 "Pig War," the dispute between the United States and Great Britain over the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound and the subject of Kennedy's essay "San Juan Island, Washington: The 'Pig War' and the Vagaries of Identity and History" in Leuchtenberg, ed. American Places: Encounters with History (Oxford University Press, 2000), pp. 218-231.

1. STEVENS, Isaac I. A Collection of Seven Works and Speeches by Isaac Stevens with a Newspaper Article, all bound together in one volume.

The collection contains: 1. Campaigns of the Rio Grande and of Mexico. N.Y.: Appleton, 1851. 2. Governor's Message of the Territory of Washington...December 3d, 1856. Olympia: Geo. B. Goudy, 1856. 3. Address on the Northwest, Before the American Geographical and Statistical Society...December 2, 1858. Washington: G.S. Gideon, 1858. 4. Pacific Railroad-Northern Route. the Railroad Convention of Washington and Oregon...May 20, 1860. Washington: Thomas McGill, 1860. From the library of the author's son, Hazard Stevens. Hazard Stevens inscribed the front wrapper. 5. A Circular Letter to Emigrants Desirous of Locating in Washington Territory. Washington: George S. Gideon, 1858. 6. Speech..on the Washington and Oregon War Claims. Delivered in the House of Representatives...May 31, 1858. Washington: Lemuel Towers, 1858. 7. Mounted newspaper article from the San Francisco Herald, April 15th, 1854 which contains a speech given in San Francisco on the Pacific Railroad survey. 8. Address to the Democracy and the People of the United States. Breckinridge and Land Campaign Documents No. 15.

Housed in Special Collections: XX(7515422.2)

2. A History of the San Juan Water Boundary Question, as affecting the
Division of Territory between Great Britain and the United States.
By Viscount Milton. [Fitzwilliam, William W.] London. Cassell, Petter, and Galpin. 1869.

Housed in Special Collections: XX(7512004.1)

3. (San Juan Islands) Haller, Granville O. San Juan and Secession. Possible relation to the war of the rebellion - Did General Harney try to make trouble with English to aid the conspiracy? - A Careful review of his orders and the circumstances attending the disputed possessions during the year…n.p: (Reprinted for R.L. McCormick), [1896].

Housed in Special Collections: XX(7514277.1)

4. Reminiscences of Washington Territory. Scenes, Incidents And Reflections of Pioneer Period on Puget Sound. Seattle, Washington: Privately issued, 1904.

Housed in Special Collections: XX(7514282.1)

5. [War Information Services] Pollard, Lancaster. The State of Washington. [Tacoma: Washington Historical Society, 1941.]

Housed at SAL3--for use in Special Collections: F891.5 .S72 1941