Thursday, October 30, 2008

War & Dissent: The U.S. in the Philippines 1898-1915; New exhibit at the Presidio

A new exhibit, War & Dissent: The U.S. in the Philippines 1898-1915, opened October 22, 2008 at the Officers' Club in the Presidio of San Francisco. On display until February 22, 2009, it looks fascinating and includes many artifacts and photos from the period, including those of California soldiers who served in the conflict. In addition, "Bindlestiff Studio, a Filipino-American theater group based in San Francisco, has created “Shadows of War,” a unique multi-media production that will be staged each month during the exhibit."

Here is a description from the exhibit's website:

"This mixed media exhibit of photographs, San Francisco monuments, diaries, letters, political cartoons, recordings, maps, and flags looks at the Spanish-American and Philippine Wars from several points of view, including Filipino points of view, in nine themed galleries."